Good dog gone bad

21st June 2017

We know that it’s not a holiday without your most trusted companion; your four-legged friend. That’s why we welcome our furry friends with open paws, so you don’t have to miss your dog whilst you’re away. Well behaved dogs are allowed to stay in a number of our dog-friendly rooms however we do understand that things don’t always go to plan, and sometimes your furry companion can get up to a bit of mischief. In fact we recently had a well-behaved dog stay with us who had a bit of a mad moment. However, she felt extremely bad and was sincerely sorry for her mistake:


To all the lovely team at the Westleton Crown,

My name is Jess Taylor and I am the naughty dog who stayed at your fantastically dog friendly hotel last week. I would like to apologise for chewing the chair leg in our room, (Chaffinch), I don't know what came over me and my mum & dad still don't know when I found time to do it as they brought my dog crate with them!

My mum & dad offered to pay for the damage, (which will come out of my pocket money), but they haven't received a bill yet. They are concerned that they might not be allowed to stay again and they really love the hotel, (in fact, this was the third time that they'd stayed with you)!

I've attached a couple of photos of myself to prove that I'm not all that bad. One of them shows me with a certificate I earned from a 4 day recall course with my mum at the weekend! The final challenge was my mum being handcuffed to the door handle of a car and I had to run to her rescue across a huge field with the key to the handcuffs attached to my collar. As I ran to her there were no thoughts of chewing chair legs, I think it must just have been a mad moment so I'm very sorry.

With woofs and licks,
Jess Taylor

The Ship at Dunwich, a dog-friend inn


General Manager, Gareth Clarke, understands that things don’t always go as expected, and let Jess know that we accept her apology…


Good morning Jess,

Thank you for sending your email regarding your recent stay with us, and your subsequent apology for your moment of naughtiness. We all have times that we feel like being naughty, I’m sure your mum and dad have done similar, although perhaps chewing chair legs would not be their favourite past time!

It is lovely that you owned up to this chair abuse as many of our doggy guests would leave without barking a word. With this in mind and that your mum and dad choose to stay with us on a regular basis I have decided not to charge you.

We very much look forward to welcoming you all back in the not too distant future.

Kind regards,
Gareth Clarke


And sure enough Jess was extremely grateful that she had been forgiven…


Good morning Gareth,

Thank you so much for your understanding of a doggy mind! It is very generous of you not to charge my mum & dad for the damage I caused and they are really very grateful, (so am I because I was going to have to pay out of my pocket money)!

My mum & dad have some friends staying with you this week on their recommendation and now that I am not barred from the premises, we hope to visit The Crown again in the summer ... I promise to be on my best behaviour!

With grateful thanks and woofs,

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