Our favourite beers and breweries

19th July 2017

Our Restaurant Manager, Andrea Palazzoni, tells us all about The Westleton Crown’s favourite beers and breweries.

We are a Free House at The Westleton Crown and this allows us the opportunity to serve beer from any number of local breweries, the big regional names like Adnams, based just down the road in the splendid seaside town of Southwold, Woodforde's, from the picturesque village of Woodbastwick nestled away amongst the Norfolk Broads, or Mauldons whose home is the quintessential market town of Sudbury, in the Stour valley.

But we can’t let the big boys have it all their own way, especially with such a fantastic choice of smaller brewers and micro-breweries in East Anglia. Some notable mentions are The Wolf Brewery from Besthorpe outside Norwich, who brew traditional style beers with modern influences or Grain Brewery from Halstead, who are very contemporary in their brewing style. I’m also a keen supporter of The Green Jack Brewery in Lowestoft, one of the pioneers of modern brewing back in the late 80s and early 90s.

The Wolf Brewery
The Wolf Brewery

Beer styles vary greatly, from the almost pitch-black porters and barley wine style beers that appear when the equally dark and foreboding winter nights begin to draw in to the pale ales that grace the pumps all through the spring and summer, quenching the thirst of many - a parched and gasping walker or cyclist!

Grain Brewery
Grain Brewery

As with all things in life, balance is required, therefore I always keep two classic amber bitters, Adnams Southwold Bitter and Woodforde’s Wherry; the Adnams I purvey for our many visitors and holiday-makers who smack their lips in anticipation of their first pint of superbly kept Adnams at The Westleton Crown. The Wherry I keep on all year round for my loyal local patrons, whose opinion any wise inn-keeper would be foolhardy to ignore! The locals here in Westleton enjoy the Wherry purely because I quote “ tharrs onlee so much Adnams yoo can drink in 1 loifetime boi!”

I also like to experiment with an unusual seasonal beer or limited-edition brew, not to mention beers brewed to mark a particular occasion or date, from St George’s Day to The Queen’s Jubilee.

So what do our guests think of all of this? We pay very close attention to our customers preferences and expectations and having a varied selection of great local and not so local beers means that almost all palates will find something interesting to imbibe; perhaps an old favourite that brings back memories of holidays past or maybe a completely unknown new beer, discovered like a secret beach, unexpected and a joy.  

The Green Jack Brewery
The Green Jack Brewery

A younger ale drinker is also beginning to approach the bar more frequently now, ready to try something more real and hand-crafted, as all cask beers are, then the usual sometimes very bland mass-produced lagers. These guests also want to know that his or her cash is going to a smaller local concern as opposed to a faceless, soulless multinational.

Lastly, a most important consideration; the location and surroundings a person chooses to drink in. In this The Westleton Crown has many feathers in its cap: when it’s a horrible, wet North sea day in the winter and the fires at The Westleton Crown crackle and flicker invitingly through the windows at damp and shivering passers-by who, when their eye is caught by that flicker and their ears prick up at the sound of laughter and conviviality that spills out from the door, can do nothing to resist the allure of our fine establishment. The door swings open and the weary traveller is greeted by the aromas of our wonderful fare, the sound of joviality and the clinking of glasses all of which combine to make a unique atmosphere of sincere, good old fashioned hospitality.

In the summer months, I couldn’t think of a better place than a bench in the terraced garden, a cool blonde ale and some old friends to while away the time with as the sun slowly sets behind our wonky and many angled roofline. 

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