• Sticky toffee pudding, toffee sauce, pecan granola, banana ice cream £7.50

  • Parsnip and apple cake, blackberry milkshake, blackberry sorbet, apple puree, cinnamon crumble £7.50

  • Iced cherry parfait, cherry compote, cherry jelly, pistachio sponge, dark chocolate dust £7.50

  • Orange crème brulee, lime shortbread, St. Clements sorbet £7.25    

  • Homemade ice creams and sorbets £6.00                            

  • British cheese selection, chutney, biscuits £8.95


Please ask one of our colleagues when ordering to ensure we can meet your dietary requirements, and for further information on the ingredients in our food that we serve.


Dessert Wines (70ml) /Ports (50ml)

34. Moscatto Passito, Araldica  PIEDMONTE ITALY £6.50

Grapes are sun ripened and then air-dried giving a concentrated, natural sweetness with hints of marmalade. 


35. Monbazillac, Domaine de Grange Neuve FRANCE £8.00

A fruity soft palate with notes of flowers and pollen.


72. Monks Mead, Monk Soham, England £5.25

Made by fermenting honey from bees who feed on heathland heather in the UK.


36. Dona Matilde Finest Port £6.50

A combination of four grape varieties and several vintages make this a unique aged reserved port.


37. Quinta Dona Matilde Vintage Port 2011 £8.00

A top quality tawny from a single harvest, aged in wooden barrels, delivering multiple layers of fruit and spice.

All our food is made here on the premises, should you require any information regarding  allergens or have any special dietary requirements please do not hesitate to ask.